November 2012

The Uganda Project (Days 3 thru 29)

The plan was to update the Uganda donation each step of the way.  However, the only time I’ve had to sit down and blog has been at the beginning and end of the project.  Here’s a recap of the events that transpired…

Around day 8, equipment started to go into boxes.  You may be wondering why it took a week before equipment was packed.  Because of the influx of donations that poured in, there was barely enough space to walk let alone have 4 foot boxes staged in the warehouse.  Once some of the boxes were arranged, the equipment that had been recently donated piled into boxes.  Before I knew it I had boxes completely filled and it seemed as though this project would go on without a hitch.


Day 13, handyman extraordinaire  Wladek came out to help set up the forklift battery charger.  We attempted to work the forklift but what we found was that the thing could move the forks up and down and the machine itself didn’t move.  On the surface this sounds like a problem, however with some engineering genius we figured out a way to get pallets stacked on top of each other.

With Thanksgiving looming and the pick up date slated for Monday the 26th, day number 20 had been circled on my calendar as the day to be done.  Tuesday the 20th began great and 13 hours and one pizza later the equipment was finally packed.  The donation consisted of over 6,000 pieces of equipment and about 200 manpower hours.  It is our largest single donation ever and more than likely the largest ever.

blogphoto2Day 26, container drop off day.  The plan was put all of the boxes onto a 20 ft container and would take 20 minutes and be no problem.  Then the container showed.  The truck that the container was attached to made it a foot higher than our floor.  It was more than a minor speed bump.  Unless we had superhuman strength, the boxes were not making it onto the container.  The solution was drawn up to have a truck pick up the boxes and transport it to a different warehouse that could load the boxes onto the container.  And at 7 o’clock on day 29 the boxes were picked up.  Done.

The Uganda Project (Days 1 & 2)

by Tom Schoenfelder

Day 1

November 1st marked the first day of what will be a month long project to help more children in Uganda play baseball.

The team from Uganda that played in the Little League World Series this past August brought national attention to their need of baseball equipment. The plan is to fill a 20 ft. container with equipment like helmets, gloves,balls, bats, etc. and ship it over.  To give you an idea of the magnitude of this donation, we can pack up what we call a starter kit filled with everything one team needs in a box that is 20 inches x 20 in x 20 in.

Day 2

Friday morning began with the arrival of the forklift that we’ve  appropriately nicknamed the Dharma Initiative for its retro appearance.  The 30 second explanation on the forklift by Dunne the guy who dropped it off went a little like this…

– keep your hands inside of the forklift because you will lose them

– if it catches fire hit this lever because it disengages the battery

– if you don’t pick something up centered it will fall and you’ll get hurt

– when charging make sure it’s in a well ventilated area because they can blow up

…good luck.