March 2013

Red Cross of Baseball—Project Update

by David Rhode

For those that follow Pitch In For Baseball, you know that helping communities impacted by a natural disaster is something we take great pride in and something we’ve become quite adept at doing.  Our work in New Jersey and New York helping groups impacted by Hurricane Sandy continues to grow.  What started as an effort to help a few leagues in Oceanside, Island Park and Bayonne has ballooned into an initiative which will see us helping 25 programs and over 9,500 kids.

Word of our organization and our ability to make a difference has spread through word-of-mouth and the media.  Both CBS News York and The New York Times  give an example of the real impact we are making in these communities.

While new applications for assistance continue to roll in, the countdown towards Opening Day grows nearer.  We are thrilled to have played a small role in this process.  We can’t wait to hear those magical words “play ball” ring out through communities all over the NJ and NY area.