April 2014

Joshua from Coahoma County Youth Outreach

Joshua started playing in the Coahoma County Youth Outreach when he was 15.  Before signing up to play baseball he was not popular in class and was very reserved.  He struggled in school and was getting caught up with the wrong crowd, which resulted in getting suspended and skipping school.  Through baseball he found something he excelled at.  Baseball was the incentive for him to do better.  Coahoma County Youth Outreach Director Ben Earnest noticed a big change in his life because of baseball.  He became more focused on baseball, which meant he needed to perform academically to be able to play.  After participating in the program for 4 years, he is now playing college baseball at Coahoma County College.  He comes back in the summer and volunteers in the program by helping with training clinics.  Without baseball, he like many kids in the league would have stopped playing and may have dropped out of school. 

Elijah from Lost Boyz

Elijah is new to the Lost Boyz this season.  He is the only Caucasian child in predominantly African American neighborhood.  At first he was shy and didn’t have many friends.  Through baseball he was able to break out of his shell.  Being able to put on the jersey that was donated by Pitch In For Baseball has allowed him to feel a part of a team.  Like many of the players in the Lost Boyz program, the cost of baseball equipment is a burden on the families.  The equipment donation allowed Elijah the opportunity to play and make friends with his new teammates.

Daniel from Mt. Pisgah Academy

Daniel is senior and playing baseball for the very first time in his life.  He saw the excitement from last year’s team and wanted to be a part of the team.  Before the baseball team was created, there was no options for the students after basketball season.  Coach Bonifacius thought he would stick Daniel in the outfield and play limited innings.  While he never took a grounder before in his life, he tried out for second base.  What he lacked in experience, Daniel made up for with heart.  Even though he doesn’t get every ground ball clean, he is fearless and knocks down every ball.  He was able to win the second base job and because of his heart and dedication.  His play has united the team and helped inspire the team to play harder.Image