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Big man on campus

by David Rhode

Today I had the opportunity to “lecture” to business students at Temple University.  Temple is a wonderful state school in the heart of Philadelphia.  My dad went there, so I’ve always had a soft spot for TU.

The setting for the  entrepreneurship class was simple.  I was to sit in front of a group of students and tell the Pitch In For Baseball story.  I’ve told it countless times and it takes little rehearsing for me to do my standup routine.  That said, it never gets old.  Retracing the steps the organization undertook in its early days and fast forwarding through to today gives me a chance to realize how far we’ve come in seven years, the obstacles we’ve overcome, and the successful outcomes we’ve had a chance to be a part of.

I’m always delighted to see how people respond to our organization and the questions that come to curious minds when confronted with our  challenges.  I’m energized by the interest people have in our story and flattered by their desire to get involved.  What a great day.

Go Owls and Go Pitch In For Baseball!