Dear Hunter

Dear Hunter,

Do you remember the time you received your first baseball glove? Remember how it felt playing catch with it? Pitch In For Baseball makes this experience happen for children throughout the United States and over 75 countries worldwide.  Children in underserved communities as close as Philadelphia and in far off countries like Uganda, do not have the proper equipment to play baseball.  Pitch In For Baseball is able to help by collecting and redistributing gently used equipment such as baseballs, helmets, and catchers gear.

With more awareness more families and local leagues will find out about Pitch In For Baseball and want to get involved.  The more people that know about Pitch In For Baseball the more children around the world we can help.  By picking Pitch In For Baseball you will allow more children around the world to play the game of baseball.

Baseball has a greater impact than just on the field.  Giving children the opportunity to play baseball will help teach them leadership and good sportsmanship.  Just like your fond memories of playing catch and your first glove, those children helped by Pitch In For Baseball will never forget either.

Thank you for considering our organization.


–Pitch In For Baseball

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