by Tom Schoenfelder

When asked today how the internship went by a board member, Dustin replies…it was fun.

Who says that about an internship?  Especially one that’s unpaid.

(Jim Dailey II)

For the past three months Jim Dailey and Dustin Pickert, two juniors at Temple University, came in for two days a week to work as interns at Pitch In For Baseball.  Last year between the same three month period we were able to help 34 programs…this year we’ve helped over 70.  There is no doubt in my mind that their work truly made a difference.

Dustin Pickert

When they first started I expected the stereotypical college student.  Tired, hungover, and lazy.  Instead on their first day they arrived before doors opened at 9:00 am ready for whatever we had instore for them.

The weeks following were the same.  I began looking forward to the days they would work.  Today being their last day I’ll end with the sappy line Jim told me he wrote in his final paper.

“I started as an intern and left a friend” – Jim Dailey II

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