The Pinkalicious rule

by David Rhode

When you have a 5 year old daughter, your world view is altered.  In my house, I now have to expand my horizons to things like dolls, make up, and anything associated with being a rock star.  You also have different books to read.  To be clear, my daughter loves dinosaurs and sharks, so she’s not strictly a girly girl.  One series we read is Pinkalicious. 

At Pitch In For Baseball, we apply the “Pinkalicious rule”.  For any of you who have read the books, there is a famous expression, “you get what you get and you don’t get upset”.  It’s what Pinkalicious’ mom says to our young heroine and basically it encourages her (and the rest of us) to appreciate what we have and what we’re given.

We would love to give every applicant all the equipment they request in exactly the quantity,color and configuration they request it.  But, we can only give away what get’s donated to us.  Hence the Pinkalicious rule.

Almost everyone we interact with “gets it”.  They know we are a leanly staffed and underresourced organization.  When we tell them we will do our best, we mean it.  Our results bear that out.  However, every once in a while we come across an applicant who has not read Pinkalicious a/k/a the Pitch In For Baseball bible.  So they get a touch cranky if we don’t have a certain shade of uniforms/socks/catcher’s gear.  They might want the baseballs to have a certain type of stamp on them to certify them for play in their league.  We’re not Baseball Express or Sports Authority, we’re Pitch In For Baseball.  Maybe we should get a few copies of Pinkalicious and keep them in stock and slip one into an order for a difficult customer.  Then when they call to ask why, we can let this important phrase go to work.

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