Dissecting a donation

By Tom Schoenfelder

To think that the donated equipment to Pitch In For Baseball is junk would be an awful association.  Just because someone grew out of or has no use for does not make it all of a sudden bad.  Like fine wine, some equipment like gloves, actually gets better with age.  As a general rule of thumb, after you purchase something it becomes used no matter what condition it is in.  The only difference between your equipment and the equipment at Pitch In For Baseball is that you haven’t donated it yet.

Baseball season fully upon us and so are the flyers and advertisements from retail stores.  For a guy whose job is to manage a warehouse with thousands of pieces of equipment, it has never dawned on me to think about what everything’s worth until I saw it in a Sports Authority brochure.  Seeing the price of each product got me to think about how much money we would be hypothetically giving away.  Let’s take a recent donation to a Philadelphia high school team that picked up today….

Taking the average prices for each type of equipment I came up with a rough sum of what it would cost if this brand new baseball and softball teams purchased all their equipment.  $600 for gloves, $300 for catchers gear,$400 for balls, $200 for helmets, $300 for cleats, $100 for bases and another $100 for miscellaneous things like equipment bags and training aids.

That’s $2,000 worth of equipment.

While it may sound good that we gave away that much money, what’s more important is that this school which never heard of Pitch In For Baseball before Thursday afternoon starts their very first day of practice ever today with equipment.

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It’s a rielef to find someone who can explain things so well

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