A league of their own

by David Rhode

Tomorrow 2 pallets of equipment will leave our warehouse and begin the journey to Colombia, South America.  This marks the 4th such time we’ve provided assistance to the Little League programs in Colombia and nothing makes us prouder.

If you watch enough movies or tv, you might know about towns like Medellin or Cartegena.  They are towns where drugs and violence rule the day.  Lucky for the kids who live there, Ana Florencia Pineros is helping to change that.  Ana is the Little League country manager in Colombia.  She’s as committed a volunteer as you could find in the Little League family and she is helping to make sure kids in towns thoughout her country have positive and safe opportunities like baseball in their lives. 

Ana has personally sponsored several of the shipments of equipment benefitting the kids in Colombia.  One particular success story that Ana shared with us related to the region of Guajira.  The Indian population who lives there face extreme poverty. The concept of organized sports is well beyond their means.  The donations Pitch In For Baseball have provided now make the dream of baseball a reality in this region.  Likewise, girls in other parts of Colombia who used to rely on cardboard “gloves” now have real mitts and and bats to start a league of their own.

The history of baseball in Colombia is not a rich one.  A few Major League players of note have come from this beautiful country better known for coffee than curve balls.  That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if a PIFB alum from Colombia made their way onto the baseball big stage in the future.  And if that happens, you’ll know that Ana and your friends at Pitch In For Baseball will be smiling.

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