The bottom of the barrel

by David Rhode

We’ve all heard or used the expression, “the bottom of the barrel”.  It’s not a positive expression.  It usually means you are down in the dumps or that some bad event has just befallen you.

At Pitch In For Baseball, we literally store things in barrels, so when we get near the bottom of the barrel, it’s not a good thing.  However, something happens at Pitch In For Baseball which is hard to explain.  We never actually get to the bottom.  Just when it seems like we are about to run out of something…gloves, catcher’s mitts, or our latest most wanted item (catcher’s masks) they show up.  Without fail, it’s like someone knows we are running low and they just show up.  The latest ‘thank you’ in this tradition goes out to Chico Little League in Chico, California.  The dozen or so catcher’s masks, in addition to the other goodies you shipped, could not have come at a better time.

So here’s to the bottom of the barrel.  May we never see it.

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