Not Your Regular Internship

by James Dailey & Dustin Pickert

As new interns here at Pitch In for Baseball, we expected to learn a lot , but we didn’t expect to be inspired. It happened when an average day at the office turned into an eye-opening experience. A man named Jim Tamarack from Northern New Jersey traveled  to the office to pick up their equipment that they were taking with them to Kenya. What started out for them as a vacation traveling through Africa, led to the creation of multiple baseball teams, that leaves them going back once a year to give more equipment and teach more kids the game of baseball. He explained to us how he collected equipment on a much smaller scale but has come to Pitch In For Baseball for assistance due to the unexpected growth of baseball in Kenya.

(from the left Dustin, Jim, James, Tom)

What caught our attention was their amazement of our facility and how large of a scale we work on. As they continued to talk of the things they accomplished in Africa, it made us realize that we were not just working in Harleysville,Pa. We realized that when they were thanking us for helping them.

As we have progressed into this internship, we have helped supply kids in Columbia with baseball equipment and kids in New York City. We have realized that as individuals we can make a small impact on making the world a better place for children.

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