Operation Homerun: Baseball comes to Baghdad

Pitch In For Baseball has had a number of exciting opportunities to help kids around the world over the last 4 years.  However, when we were contacted about the chance to introduce baseball to the children of NW Baghdad, we jumped at the chance.

Working in partnership with the U.S. Military, the Iraqi Ministry of Youth and Sport and Major League Baseball International, we were able to help share our national pastime with some excited kids in Iraq.

The note we received from our military contacts in Baghdad helps tell the story.

Mr Rhode,

I hope all is well in the States. It was a great day for the “Dagger

Brigade.” This morning Soldiers from D Troop 5/4 Cavalry and A Company

403 Civil Affairs Battalion delivered equipment donated from “Pitch in for

Baseball.” Mr Fahkri, a deputy in the Ministry of Youth and Sport, had

invited about 40 children to the equipment drop off. As part of the

delivery the soldiers gave a quick demonstration of the new equipment that

would be shared by the Northwest Baghdad youth centers. Mr. Fahkri said

that they would be forming a league and we would be invited to the first

exhibition game once they have had enough time to practice. It was a great

opportunity for the soldiers. And while there was some tentative children,

many of them were picking up the game quickly and showed a true interest in

the sport. I’ve collected and attached a bunch of the pictures that were

taken during the distribution. Our public affairs team plans on writing a

story on the event. When they’re finished, we’ll make sure you get a copy

of the article. It was a long process to get the equipment into the hands

of some kids. But interest, by the Youth and Sport personnel and the

children, in making the most of the equipment was very promising. Thank you

so much to your organization and for your personal support for this



Very Respectfully,

LT Conor Browne

Assistant Civil Military Operations Officer 2nd Brigade, 1st Infantry

Division Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq



Operation Homerun-soldiers distribute equipment.JPG
Operation Homerun-loving a new bat.JPG 

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