Missing Harry Kalas

Pitch In For Baseball is a Philadelphia-based organization and I have been a Phillies fan all my life.  Harry Kalas passed away suddenly and sadly today and fans of baseball have lost a true treasure.

He brought us Michael Jack Schmidt’s 500th homer, Jim Thome’s 400th, the 1993 bunch of knuckleheads we loved so much and of course the 2008 World Series Champions.

He broadcast every Phillies game I’ve ever heard and replacing him is truly impossible. 
harry kalas 1.jpg

Fans of Harry and of Pitch In For Baseball have asked if they can make a donation in his honor.  The answer is yes.  Donations can be made securely through Pitch In For Baseball’s website at http://www.active.com/donate/pifb/harrykalas

Donations made in Harry’s honor will be used to further our efforts to help underserved children in the city of Philadelphia and around the world gain access to the games of baseball and softball.

We all knew how special his voice and his passion were for the Phillies.  For this Phillies lifer, I can’t remember a tougher day.

David Rhode

Founder and Executive Director

Pitch In For Baseball

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