Pitch In For Baseball

Some brotherly love

by Tom Schoenfelder

During skype calls to Hungary and Mongolia, I never refer to Pitch In For Baseball as a Harleysville based organization.  Before taking the job at Pitch In For Baseball, Harleysville might as well have been Hungary or Mongolia.  Instead I tell applicants that we are located in Philadelphia.  While our physical location may not be there, our presence is surely in Philadelphia.  In late February I spoke for a minute at an Athletic Directors meeting and the response to hearing about PIFB was overwhelming.  With budget cuts looming, coaches from over twenty high school and middle school teams in the city requested the aide of Pitch In For Baseball.

Some teams looked to supplement what little they had, while others had nothing.  Between paying a coach and the transportation of the team, there is little money left for the equipment needed to play.  For a few teams it is their inaugural year and they are filled with a team of players who have never played before and no equipment for them to use.  While handing over the equipment has become quite ordinary due to amount of times I have done it, seeing the excitement on the faces of the coaches never gets old.